Bringing together ideas

Coming together with all the ideas from the initial mind map we compared artists and sketches.

The idea of the candy world was popular within our group. For myself it was something i only briefly looked into but was not overly interested as i personally find a candy world not as exciting as the worlds we could have explored.


However looking at the research my other team mates have found I could see how a candy world could be explored. Robert mentioned the work of Will Cotton was explored  who was the creative drive behind Katy Perry’s ‘Californian Girls.’


Tying in elements I had explored with the edible world and ‘James and the giant peach’ We discussed a world that would end starvation but unfortunately endorse obesity.

With the initial research gathered we narrowed down our ideas to 4.
The human body, candy world, edible (fruit) world and a cloud world. Weighing pros and cons we narrowed it down to the human body. Despite having a considerable amount of interest in the candy world; analysing the idea we had come to the conclusion as a group that a candy world has already been exhausted. The human body was something we thought was interesting and we all grew an interest into anatomy.


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