Week Two: Design a World

Our team to design a world consisted myself, Lorna, Robert and Cloidhna. We created a mind map and with the overwhelming amount of  ideas individually we picked elements we found interesting tried to develop ideas through contextual references and drawings.

The human body interested me so i decided to research this idea and briefly on others.

Through research I found’The Corpus Museum; an interactive human biology in the Netherlands. This museum was the first of it’s type opening in 2008, apparently giving a tour through”mind-boggling 5D organ theatres before eventually leading to the brain” (Source material)

Inside the museum 1: Source


Inside the museum 2: Source

Some visitors find the museum unique, some find it disgusting. Despite this it’s been good for imagining a world that carries out functions in order to survive; almost a workforce keeping the body alive. I was thinking  what was this world’s purpose. Is the human body a walking breathing organism or more underground like the Easter Island Heads?

Rapa Nui people and the Easter Island “head”: Source

It wasn’t until 2012 that the iconic Easter Island heads were said to have torsos; digging up from the ground full bodies attached to these heads with a height of up to 10 metres.  Could this aesthetic be applied to our own world. Having the human body like a mineshaft underground but the head acting like an entrance at the top. Having the Prometheus look!

Still from Prometheus: Image Source 

Trying to explore artists I found a surrealist artist called T. Dylan Moore.


As a fine artist and illustrator he combines the female form and nature. Whilst all of his work may not be relevant to anatomy but a couple of his pieces do feature the body as apart of a civilisation. Using this artist as influence; could the world function not inside the human body but on the body. Civilisations of organisms growing and creating on human skin. The human just acts as a host and like in Moore’s work; the host is a factotum with multiple responsibilities  of keeping themselves and others alive.

“Like a forest scorched, I will be reborn” by Dylan Moore: Source

Continuing on that thought; thinking of the Hannibal Season 1 episode 2 “Amuse-Bouche” where Will Graham comes across a plot of land where the human body become the organic substance for plants and organisms. They may seem dead but in a twist of events it turns out the bodies where actually alive which is what kept the organisms existing. Of course this is a very dark and possibly sadistic way to have the world but the concept that the host is powerless is interesting.

(This was the most ‘PG’ still of the episode i could find. This doesn’t do justice!)

Still from Hannibal episode, Amuse-Bouche:  Image Source

Another idea i had was a a world inside an animal but with cyberpunk elements and it becoming more like a mechanical bee. I thought in my brain I took this directly from a Coca Cola advertising campaign; ‘The Happiness Factory.’ which won an Emmy, created by animation company Psyop.

However this contains no mechanical bees so i will assume my idea was struck by my brain combining two ideas together (I’m gonna guess Bioshock since there is bee plasmids. We will never know!)

Coca Cola advert,’Coke Heist’ : Source

Moving on to other ideas such as an edible world made me think of James and the Giant Peach and having a world carved into fruit. A tiny civilisation in a small, condensed, mushy space.

As reference I found the full movie on ‘Daily Motion.’ The book created by Roald Dahl and the movie adaption created by director Henry Selick. The film was created over three years using stop motion animation and live action film.

James and the Giant Peach: Full Movie 

Through looking at contextual research i found this surrealist piece created by DeviantArt user: Futuregrrl who took inspiration from James and the Giant Peach.

This piece of work visualised for myself a world with an edible fruit and how it could be a gateway to another world entirely. Also thinking if there could be multiple fruit with multiple parallel universes. (possibly visualised on a fruit tree?)

Deviant art piece: Image Source

One thought on “Week Two: Design a World

  1. […] Reflecting on very early research in semester, I showed the group the Happiness Commercial from CocaCola; where one task is begin completed through many many steps with fantasy elements. There are many examples of a Rube Goldberg Machine, this may be a very complex idea but it could be really interesting to work with. Using either Goldberg or Robinson as an inspiration we could have a floating city that is functioning through many steps and engineering. […]


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