Human Anatomy

My notes on the heart & lungs
Some of my notes

With narrowing down our ideas to the human body we began basic research and sketches based off our findings.

We use reference from the book: ‘The visual dictionary of the human body’ by Mary Lindsey

We divided up our research by looking at different parts of the body; I looked at various organs including the heart, lungs and brain. I based my research off ‘The visual dictionary of the human body’ finding out the basic functions.
Basing the fundamentals of each organ i thought this would determine the complexity of the world.

For example is the brain/nervous system the mind control of the world? does it change the atmosphere of the weather of the world? Looking at how much control does the brain have in the world, would this be the main controls of the world?

The heart is in charge of keeping the blood pumping, is there a workforce, an industry placed in this work to drive an essential economy. Like a windmill or a mechanical cog. It’s function is essential so it is important to keep this organ alive!

Looking at lungs, air breathed goes in and through the lungs. Do civilisations live there almost acting like how trees effect our world?

Looking at the other teams work:

I liked Robert’s idea of the teeth housing villages, a cool concept much like a richer civilisation living in a more high end houses. It could introduce a class hierarchy or system into the world and more damaged teeth could be poorer civilisations.


Robert's research on teeth
Robert’s research blog post

Cliodhna also made some sketches which i thought were great. Not only thinking of the organs but bone and spine. What if it was a way for travel, seeing the spine as an elevator or staircase. As bones are separate they could resemble ledges and platforms to move up and down the world.

Cliodhna's research on the spine
Cliodhna’s research

At this point we don’t know whether to limit the world to a head, ribcage, a system, function or a whole body. Depends on the complexity although the idea of a whole body as a world sounds more exciting!

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