I made some sketches of how parts of the human body would look in terms of aesthetic. There were different elements on the page:

An aesthetic of an acorn but functions exactly the same as a normal heart.

The bone has plants and vines wrapping around it, acting asa material to travel whether it is climbing or swing or even as stairs. Maybe depends on which bone it is to determine vines properties?

The brain creates flowers and other types of plants as a stimulus. The flower depends on the mood. The brain stem would be formed with branches which could connect to other important features such as the spine and veins

Aesthetic of a cactus which can be pleasant for anyone!

Aesthetic of leaves with inhaling and exhaling, the leaves are quiet relaxing, you  would know if there was something wrong with them if they were to become like the colours in Autumn.

Looking like a rock, moss grows over the top to know if something is wrong. The insides almost work like an american garbage disposal; taking out all the harmful liquids

The could be represented by weeds and different plants and plant like properties. They could be in animal form as well like slugs and caterpillars which destroy plants however it depends on the intensity of disease.

For me this was fun to do as it was playing with the appearance, finding new innovative ways to show something as an organ. As the inside is going to look complete different much like the contrast of the interior/exterior of a house.

Page from my sketchbook



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