Character Development

We tried designing the characters for our elemental marble world. We thought personality traits of each element would be best for designing the character. We each took an element and designed 2 characters each.

I was given air and hoe they are light and ‘airy-fairy’ almost like clouds or wind. With that i tried to make quick sketches but to be honest i wasn’t happy with them.

My air concept sketches
My air concept sketches

I also looked at earth and mimicked Roberts drawings; how earth would have burley muscular men.

my earth concept sketches
my earth concept sketches

However when speaking to Michael; who assigned the task of creating a set of characters. We found that the world we created seemed too complex and when coming to explain why the conker effect works thats we found flaws. We also found flaws that our character designs were all too different; obviously we all have different styles but we were all too concentrated on own drawings!

To try and create a similar style we looked at Lilo & Stitch; the tv show. A show based on Stitch’s family which only ran for two seasons ending in 2006.  Created Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois who previously did Lilo & Stitch (2002) The duo have show to work well together considering they both  left disney to work in Dreamworks and work on success How to Train Your Dragon and it’s sequel. Referring back to Lilo & Stitch: The TV Series, They have a great diverse character spectrum whilst sticking to a formula. This is also to do with the characters being experimentations of Stitch. However they all look different but with a common thread in basic features such as the eyes, nose, mouth and on some level the body type.  For our group i think thats why we liked using this as a guide to drawing a group of characters.

Source image

In relation to our own work we chose a circular face and features and drew again the elements.

New concept sketches of air
New concept sketches of air

But in the end the same problems from before appeared. Despite a somewhat structure our designs were very different and the comments from before of our elemental world left us feelings a bit drained on the idea.

With that we went back to the drawing board and developed our own ideas of the world and characters.

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