New World; Character Development

With groups changed and projects switched. I along with Rhea, Lorna & Robert and taking over the marble world. The previous group looked at world within worlds and how materials looked under a microscope. How these forms could resemble cities, civilisations and how patterns, cracks and bubbles in the marble would make the world.

Below are the designs and concepts from the previous group:


Exploring this we created another mind map and we all were drawn to elements. The previous groups had the idea that if a marble was a certain colour it could relate to a certain environment for example if a marble is blue it resembles a water environment.

Our mind map for marble world
Our mind map for marble world

For this we were looking at Avatar (animated tv show) As they focus on the elements. Co- creator, animation director and story editor, Michael Dante DiMartino wrote a very interesting blog post on creative and critical thinking on how we need the balance to work:

“At a certain point, we then take a more analytical look at all the ideas and figure out what works and doesn’t depending on what we’ve decided are the story and themes for that season. Usually, it’s pretty clear what will stay and what won’t. Those idea generating sessions were a great way to let our imaginations wander freely as we explored new possibilities for Korra and her world.”-Michael Dante DiMartino (source material)


For this several marble worlds would be created with the worlds earth, air fire and water. To add complexity we thought of the idea of how the worlds would collide like conkers. Would they chip off into new worlds? would they cause war and destruction? Extinction?

We also thought of a solar system and a gravitational pull and that opposite elements would be opposite planets in a solar system. With this new idea we thought inhabitants could represent the different elemental worlds.


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