All the Horror! (Spoilers)

Thinking monsters; instantly one film came to mind. ‘Cabin in the woods’ A film directed by Joss Whedon which summarizes the entire horror genre. I thought of the layer idea and how at the end of the film the ancient gods rise up from below and kill everyone!

The board with all the monsters: Source Image

The whiteboard in the film was my favourite part as it had (kinda) all the monsters that could have been in the start of the film. I wanted to know where half of these monsters came from and thats when i found a guy on youtube who to me perfectly references all monsters in the film!

It led me to some of Guillermo del toro’s sketchbook work. The sugarplum fairy in Cabin in the woods was based off his work (apparently) but looking at his concepts are just inspiring to see detailed sketches in just a sketchbook ( of many sketchbooks)

I found an article he did where he shares 14 pieces of advice and for me in terms of motivation and sketchbook work I think they are gold. Especially number 9; great advice on sketchbooks there. 

  1. Know what came before part 1 – (or in other words) No original idea has been done look into your predecessors
  2. Get the gore right
  3. Understand biology is horror
  4. Know what came before part 2
  5. School yourself in life
  6. Think visually
  7. Know what came before you part 3
  8. Simplify the scare
  9. Messy is okay
  10. Steal from your younger self
  11. Color with Care
  12. Make a transcendent moment
  13. Embrace failure
  14. Find yourself in the story

He also said some after about critique which i can think is something I need to do instead of quitting;

“When we showed Cronos to the head of the Mexican film Institute, he said this movie’s going to go nowhere blah blah blah. I memorialized that day in my notebook because I said “I have to out live this day.”

Everybody reads the reviews; it’s inevitable. But how you end up filing that in your heart is very important. Don’t file it under “I must stop.” File it under “Fuck it, I’m going to prevail.” – Guillermo Del Toro


Pages from Toro’s sketchbook: Source 

With this i have a lot of film references to explore I feel like this is start of me entering a dark world of monsters!

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