Victorian Element

Robert posted in a group Facebook page we made of the idea of victorian people as characters for our world. I wanted to develop this idea so i thought about combining the two ideas. Since a lot of horror derived in the victorian era it would be nice to create a certain atmosphere or narrative.

I thought of the tv show Penny Dreadful; taken from literature with the premise of killing monsters in a victorian setting.  Reflecting this back to marble world and our top layer, the ideas are open for stories to be told of the victorians fighting monsters that travel in different layers. It could have an effect like ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (The TV show) showing main characters from an era completely confused when put in other eras or dimensions.

Source image

I found these links which might be useful:
1) Link on Literature
2) Link on Literature

They reference early fiction with an apocalyptic setting. Whether this links are explored further i don’t know. Thinking this could be more related to narrative! There’s books that are very obvious like Bram Stokers Dracula and Frankenstein which relate to gothic literature.  However there are some more science fiction novels by H.G Wells which could be explored as it looks at apocalyptic fiction and when terror strikez.

Also looking at fashion; theres this book in the Belfast campus library which could be useful for character designs:

Screenshot from the Ulster University Library catalogue
Screenshot from the Ulster University Library catalogue

In additional because in the book there is very little visuals of men’s fashion; i tried to look quickly at this gender. What i’m finding is waistcoats and top hats seems to be very popular in the victorian era.
How fancy!


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