Group meeting

Today once all our life drawing classes were finished we were able to discuss ideas and we decided on using the idea of the kinetic layered idea.  We then explored the victorian era; we thought that the civilisation at the top should be the the victorian characters; prey you may call. The further down the layers the more creatures and predators!

12034438_10208171984562129_8124872275008308336_oWe took out the book and we were able to get references for designs and an idea of the aesthetic we should be looking for.
Victorian Fashions and Costumes from ‘Harper’s
Bazar:1867 to1898’
Blum, Stella
Published New York: Dover Publications, 1974 Published London: Constable, 1974

Lorna looked at Toby Allen; an illustrator who has created creatres based off mental illnesses.  I was aware of his before and really like the series he did based don mental illnesses; other know as the real monsters. The point of it was to bring mental illness to light for people who are uneducated and the way the creator thought it work best was through character designs.

We liked the creature element and the drawing style was cool but we thought it may be bit hard for us to replicate. However the monster profile is a nice way to present creatures which we could take into reference.

Toby Allen: Source Image

In terms of drawing style we looked at various artists. I looked at Guillermo Del Toro but only as a guide. 

Robert looked at ‘Roly Poly Oly’ which has a very simple character structure made of of simple spheres. This style seemed easy but it was was in a drawing style that we could alter to fit our own designs. Especially when thinking of the victorian civilisation where the body and proportions could be made up of so many spheres.

Roly Poly Oly: Source Image

We then looked at Adventure Time which in the end became the drawing style we have sought after. The premise of the show itself is set after an apocalyptic setting and features monsters and fantasy which we thought was too relevant in our world.

Adventure Time Character Sheets

We found they’re common thread in all there characters is the face and arms. Dots for eyes, very simple line work for a mouth and rarely there is a nose (unless needed) The arms were all designed the same and overall the colour work is very bright. Adding in these elements to our own designs will help us carry out a general theme for our characters

Now all is left is to Design!

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