Playing with Marbles

This morning Lorna had came in with marbles she had at home so we could get a look at them first hand. Myself and Rhea got together and started playing with this marbles for “research.”

Spinning Marbles

We loved the way when the marbles were spun. Taking the layered idea we developed it we came up with kinetic layers. In a game the aim is to hit the marbles and getting them to move position. Personifying the marble; its purpose in life is to move; so why can’t the layers in the marble move as well!

Thinking of the idea of a fish in glass bowl. The characters in the layers would move along to carry out of the purpose of existence. Thinking of deep sea creatures

Sketches of deep sea life
Sketches of deep sea life

Tying in Lorna’s ideas of season and time where there are parts that have different time structures and environment. We talked about how when one layer is alive/awake/out of hibernation; It moves and all the layers alternate. Thinking of the layers intertwining and at a point in the “day” they all stop and another they are all synchronised.

We also like the light coming through the marble but have yet to explore idea.

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