Character Drawing session

In our group we each are drawing a victorian character and a creature or two so we can share designs and develop each others concepts
For our character drawing we have 3 levels :

  • Outer layer- A victorian civilisation
  • Middle layer- Creatures that are hybrid of “cute” & “Creepy”
  • Inner layer- Creatures that  are hybrids of “creepy” & “scary”

For our Victorian layer we used Roberts designs. We all loved the style and decided to imitate his drawings for the victorian characters. Robert drew a guide for us to draw out these characters so we can imitate and elaborate on his concepts

Roberts guide to the victorian people
Roberts guide to the victorian people

To create the characters we carried out an exercise. We listed creepy and cute creatures and listed scary villain or monsters. Wrote them and separated them into piles. For the middle layer we picked up a cute creature and creepy creature and drew that hybrid. For the Inner layer we picked up a scary creature and creepy creature and did the same.
Below are the photos of the session:

The outcome was a fun experience and i think we all enjoyed the activity. We were able to create designs which can elaborate on and now narrow down designs we aren’t sure on.


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