“Final Outcomes”

The group met on the Monday afternoon with designs we had from the previous day and some additional designs we had done in our spare time. With this we each swapped over each others designs, we thought this would create a more collaborative experience for us that would hopefully reflect in our final designs.

Above are my sketches: I had took over the ‘Rabbitpede’ created by Rhea, ‘Lorna’ created by Lorna and the ‘insect/frog’ created by Robert. With these drawings I created an imitations of them; altering parts to fit with the style we chose and to simplify. I loved playing about with characters and adding a certain personality to them. I think i fell in love with the Rabbit centipede; something about craziness draws me in!

When we were ready and made final alterations we did a character profile on A2 sheets of all of the creatures in each layered habitat. These were drawn by all of us to continue the collaborative experience we already had with the project. The outcome of this myself and the group are really proud of. We feel that the style looks the same across all the characters and they belong in the same world; despite 4 artists working it and it being based on 3 different layers.

We also began to add narrative to these characters. The chicken Lady (other wise known as ‘Chicken Breasts’) doesn’t know she’s a chicken and lives in the civilised world with Mayor Von Snout (pig man) as rulers or slave drivers to these humans. The little girl known as Lorna we thought could be an adventurous character who likes to interact with creatures on all the layers


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