Week 4: A warm welcome to hell

This week brings a new environment for myself; I have switched to a new group which consists of Jordan, Méabh & Emily. It was quite sad leaving my old group as we worked well together but I’m excited to see new group dynamics and to be working with people I’ve never worked with before.

We got the Hell Tree project. To get a full understanding of what the hell tree resembles i went through previous groups blogs:

(creating the world) 1st group: Ryan  Kirstin Lina
(character designs) 2nd group: Dervla  Megan  Michelle  Rebecca

Taken from Michelle’s blog

From looking through the blogs Ive got a general idea of the world. The nine circles of hell in captured in a tree stump. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno; it started off as a world where evil doers go to be punished but it has now turned into a world which can be summoned. Almost like a game; people undertake trails; if they suceed their wish is granted if not they stay in the tree. Each level has a gatekeeper to set out each trail which take the form of animalistic type creatures.

The characters created seemed very separate so whilst working on this project it would be nice to alter the character so they all have a common style.

Im looking forward to exploring the environments and compositions of this world.


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