Circles of Hell

Meeting with the group and discussing what could be in the circles. We decided on the following:


  • Ghostly gate keeper
  • The unbapitized waiting for God
  • Their punishment or fear is solitude, groups of souls waiting souls; patience with no end game
  • Elements of ice
  • A phone constantly ringing, cries for desperation.
  • Looking at a specific scene in star trek for the environment


  • Spider; black widow creatures.
  • no human compassion, solitude. Nowhere in sight of human touch
  • Mentions storm; using a sand storm to show unclean, to show dirt and filth


  • Vulture like creature
  • Goals are never in sight, thanks others have those goals
  • Lights sources in water never grasped
  • Caves, quicksand ( Like in Indiana Jones)
Indiana Jones in Quicksand: Source Image


    • Constant triggers of anger
    • Forest land; Suicide forest
    • Creature bull
    • When they commit the act of the violence they are instantly changed to that level of hell
Aokigahara Forest: Source Image


  • Creature snake/ goat/ rat
  • Thinking of torture; the basement
  • The thirst for killing is never quenched; no one can die.
  • Thinking of “Outlast”
Outlast: Source Image



  • Creature Fox/Wolf
  • “Trompe Loeil” – french translation
  • nothing is real, hallucinations
  • Trickery; souls cannot get a true sense of reality
  • optical illusions
Optical Illusion: Source


  • Creature toad/frog
  • rotting plants, food & environment
  • Unless grasped things look fine till a soul interacts
  • Always famished
  • Taking from the death of gluttony in ‘Se7en’



  • creature cat/panther
  • treason; the self righteous
  • Thinking of Bowser’s castle
  • “back stabbing” shards everywhere
  • fire environment
  • witches on trail; salem
Bowsers Castle: Source


  • all of the circles combined to create a greater hell and fear
  • Creature lizards

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