Hellish Environments

Trying to find environments or concept art to reflect Dante’s Inferno; I found this link on Wikipedia which references Dante’s inferno in modern culture. Through this i was able to research game and tv show environments which may have a particular style we as a group would want to incorporate in the Hell tree.

Gear of War originally created by Epic Games and now published by Microsoft. It’s environments are quite dark and hellish. I particularly like this one  as the colours are quite muddy and the environment with the tree like creatures looks very menacing. In addition the lines showing perspective of the foreground and background and the texture are a good inspiration for the week.

Gears of War 3: Source 

Final Fantasy  created by Japanese company Square Enix have made a franchise out of the RPG game. In this piece of concept I really like the concept art of the the floating island with the characters in the foreground. The use of black shadow is very effective drawing the eye to the center of the piece.

Chrysis 3; Source: http://goo.gl/a495bN

Dante’s Inferno is an animated film based off the game created in 2010. Animated by Film Roman, best known for producing the source animation for The Simpsons, King Of The Hill as well as Garfield. Of course it’s relevance is that it’s based off hell, would be something to look into to see how their take of the tale is different to ours.

Dantes Inferno animated epic; Source: http://goo.gl/rBx04Y

Published by Vertigo, Sandman is a long running comic created by Neil Gaiman. The dark fantasy is features mythology and horror in a  DC universe and it one of the most influential books in the fantasy genre alongside Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns

Sandman; Source: http://goo.gl/ASgZea

The theme of the Hell tree made me instantly think of the film ‘Se7en’ by David Fincher. Based on the 7 deadly sins; Serial killer John Doe kill punished a select few for their deadly sins ( lust, gluttony, greed,envy, sloth, pride, wrath) With this in mind I was thinking how the 9 circles of hell could have environments with the aim to create fear tailored to each circle.


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