Canadian Animation – 1939 to Present

Michael gave us a talk today on Canadian animation and recommend to start with this website to watch an archive of animations: The National Film Board of Canada 

Here is a few animations that were shown in the presentation:

Norman McLaren 1914- 1987

Boogie Doodle

  • was drawn on film, frame per frame
  • It was also projected using light and laser
  • Optically synced and interpreted shapes
  • had to play the music out by ear.

Begone Dull Care

  • Painted directly on a film strip to jazz music
  • Similar to Boogie Doodle


  • Shown in the time of the cuban missile crisis
  • Highly awarded stopmotion
  • Experimental soundtrack, sounding digital for its time
  • Timed actions

Boogie Doodle, Norman McLaren

Begone Dull Care, Norman McLaren

Neighbours by Norman McLaren

Derek Lamb 1936-2005

The Great Toy Robbery

  • Parody of the wild west
  • Created in 1963

The Great Toy Robbery by Derek Lamb

Brain Lemay 

Rock and Rule

  • Brain was famous for doing TV specials
  • The film didn’t get a great reception due to the time it was done, out of date for audience
  • Had a budget of 8 million USD
  • Featured songs by Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick and Lou Reed.

Rock and Rule Trailer

Jeff Hale 1923- 2015

Thank You Masked Man

  • Directed by Jeff Hale and written by Lenny Bruce (Based on a comedy routine by Lenny Bruce )
  • Based on Tonto and The Lone Ranger

Ryan Larkin 1943- 2007


  • An observation of movement of different animated characters
  • Uses line drawings and ink wash painting
  • The first Canadian animation to be sold to a major American network (ABC)

Street Musique

  • Ryan’s last film
  • Animations choreographed to street music and featuring abstract images
  • Featuring ink washes and line drawings

Chris Landreth – ‘Ryan’

Chris Landreth is an animator who studied at Seneca College, Toronto. Himself and with the help of the National Film Board created a documentary about Ryan Larkin. It was a conversation between animator to animator talking about Ryan’s past and present. It’s very interesting to watch, would reccommend!

Ryan by Chris Landreth

Caroline Leaf 1946

The Street

  • Oil on glass
  • Frame by frame

Kaj Pindal

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

  • Based on a children song
  • Directed by Derek Lamb

Frederic Back


  • An insight into a part of Canada
  • French and catholic influences
  • multi- layered

Cordell Barker

  • Based not he classic children’s song the cat came back



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