Digital Painting for dummies.

For the hell project I tried to digitally paint some concept as well as tonal sketches. This was something quite daunting for me as i have virtually no experience with painting in PSD or digital painting in general! Concept art is something i really want to explore this year hopefully this as a starting point will enable me to get better as the semester unfolds.

Conánn gave us a brief tutorial on Tuesday on how to create compositions and starting off a painting in Photoshop. Following the steps; I started setting the scenes for my concepts

Heresy: Beginning of concept work
Heresy: Final Outcome
Heresy: Final Outcome
Lust: Beginning of concept
Lust: Beginning of concept
Lust: Final Outcome
Lust: Final Outcome

Overall i’m happy with my first attempt. I would consider my style quite sketchy and messy and the environments had elements of chaos which worked to my advantage. (Lust featuring sandstorms, Heresy containing fire)  Of course it’s not amazing or my best work but i think it’s a learning curve to getting better at painting and composition.


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