Don’t starve

Character menu
Character Menu: Source

Thinking of the character designs and how we could alter them. I thought of the game ‘Dont Starve’ a survivalist RPG game nearly in the style of Tim Burton. Created by Klei Entertainment   where you play a 2D character in a 3D world where you survive in an open world.

I found the style quite relevant and creepy and it’s sketchiness adds to the manic presence of the world. A style that the group could imitate and alter to the existing designs created by the previous group.

Concept art
Concept Art: Source
Gameplay: Source

The group seemed to like the style. Features like the eyes which are empty white and the petite facial features maybe good to recreate. That along with the scribbles and sketchy aesthetic of the body which we could use to add texture to our gatekeeper creatures.

Incorporating this style into my two gatekeepers; the spider and the cat/panther i looked at the previous designs. The spider and the cat/panther from Dervla’s concept drawings. As much as I love the style; to fit into one world the designs needed to be altered.

Below are my  rough sketches for the characters, trying to keep with the ‘Don’t Starve’ roughness:

Spider gate keeper
Spider Gatekeeper
cat like gatekeeper
Cat-like Gatekeeper

One thought on “Don’t starve

  1. […] Don’t Starve is a game i previous mentioned in Hell World for characters. It’s soundtrack has elements of creepiness but also since it sounds like a weird carnival it has a quirky vibe which could be translated into our title sequence. It’s composers Vince de Vera and Jason Garner have also done the soundtrack for Shank which have similar attributes as Don’t Starve. […]


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