The trek to Comber/ Newtownards

My photography adventure took me to Comber; unfortunately I can’t drive so my dad became my driver for the day and inevitably was apart of some of the photos I took!

My aim for today was hopefully to get 1 or 2 good photos of the 200-300 I took today. I found myself to be pretty rusty to start off in the afternoon. As the day went on however I started to play about with the exposure, shutter speed & aperture which i think gave myself some interesting outcomes.

Some photographs were taken on the way to Comber.On passing I saw this building which  I think is one of the few buildings left here that has black granite. There was also this house which i fell in love with as it was covered in bright foliage, looked old and abandoned.

Building in Foliage

Some photographs were taken at Castle Island. We were lucky to arrive just before the tide was coming in. Played a lot with lighting in this section, i’ve come to favour lower exposed photographs through trail and error.

Castle Island

Some photographs were taken at Strabbo Tower. I loved looking down and seeing a town/city condensed into this one scenic view. I tried incorporating some of the plants that were there (whether it was effective or not)

The view from Scrabbo Tower

Overall i’m happy with progress so far, i hope over the week to explore more places and take more interesting photos. After visiting a few more places and taking photos and i will start to sort and compile groupings of photos.

Link here


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