For this circle, it was supposed to be a collaborative environment of all the circles so that it becomes the most evil of circles. However only me and Jordan could come in so we decided to start from scratch by collaborating together.

Orfield labs: Source

Thinking of the word treachery we were looking at betrayal and I thought of se7en and the victim of pride. She killed herself because she would rather contain her sin than exist. We thought about putting that same outlook on treachery; an ultimate test.

We thought of a room with an aspect of isolation. Thinking of the quietest room on earth; it is on record that the longest a person can withstand the silence is 45mins before going insane.

Myself and Jordan's sketches
Myself and Jordan’s sketches
Still from ‘The Box’: Source

To keep to the original Dantes Inferno we thought of aspects of ice. With the light source being translucent and in the middle it would give a claustrophobic atmosphere. Then we thought of the task perspective of the circle. That if the ice elements were closing in then it would add
tension, almost acting as a timer.

We came up with a few ideas, we thought if the person ongoing the trails presses a button or “fails” they case mass destruction, like a city would blow up or someone would die.

However we realised we were mimicking the story of ‘The Box’. This film has the plot of a family given a button, if they press the button they get a lot of money but someone dies. So to try and not completely steal this idea we tried to alter the story.

By altering the idea we came up with a sphere with a key, this key gets you out of the Hell Tree and is placed in the middle of the room.  As the walls cave in the real task for the person is to withhold their sanity if they try to grab the key they are stuck, if they have the patience they will escape. We also thought of the gatekeeper and the idea of the lizard closing the walls to grasp the key himself. Almost like eventually handing over the reward.

Below are concept sketches of the idea:


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