Week 5: Sound Wave world

After doing our weekly presentation of the hell tree. It was pointed out that the task of carrying out tonality wasn’t fulfilled entirely. Personally I feel I had lacked a body of work that should have been made and struggled with tone as it was not something I was used to. However for this next project I am going to step up and retry tone as well colour.

We were moved groups and projects. I’m in a project With Jordan, Philips & Kirstin and we are developing a colour environment for the sound wave world. To familiarise myself with the world I began looking at the previous groups concept sketches. With ideas of how the world is strutted i tried again with tonality; starting off with these thumbnails shown below:

Tonality thumbnails
Tonality thumbnails

I feel more confident about these tonal drawings as this time i really tried to focus on the light source and lighting. Hopefully this progress will reflect my upcoming drawings and concepts. (And how my work will play a part in the group)


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