Drink & Draw/ Night-time photography

On Wednesday night, the animation society held a “Drink & Draw” A relaxed life drawing class featuring alcohol and cosplayers. On that same day I brought my camera and decided to take more photos around Belfast.

Drink and Draw was very good. For me it was a great way to loosen up and practice my drawing skills and it was nice being in such a relaxed environment. Below are some of my drawings which personally I thought were an improvement of my usual work:

DSC_0660 DSC_0661

It was also a chance for me to do some dark/night time photography which I think has become my new hobby. As well as taking pictures of the loft  (the venue of Drink & Draw) I took so pictures of the university with Kirstin where we just had fun experiment with random objects. I also took photos on the go photos on route home.

Here is the link to the photos of the night

I’ve come to the conclusion i really like night time photography, everything is much more eerie; like something from Silent Hill! And some of the experiments i tried tonight i think came out really well. Also documenting the drink and draw experience for myself has become revisiting a nice memory. TO MORE DRINK & DRAW!!


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