Colour Schemes

For our sound wave world, we have interactions with the world which depend on the type of music playing. For that we want to create a different colour scheme for each type of music to capture the atmosphere and mood of the world.

Still from Sin City: Image Source

For this we talked about the use of colour and as a group we looked at ‘Shindler’s List’ and films by Robert Rodriguez (directed 300 and Frank Millers Sin City) They’re minimal use of colour with a pop of vibrant colours was something we admired. However as we want to use 5 tones we only loosely based our idea off this. We wanted to make the buildings and the world plain by using neutral tones to capture the Rodriguez vibe.
The pops of colour would be translucent glows which would omit of the characters and partially off the buildings like a mist or fog. (concert vibe) With that we took the general music genres and tried to find colours that resemble those colours.

Below are the colour schemes and the mood boards of those genres:

Colour palette of sound world
Colour palette of sound world

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