Flip books – because why not!

Taken from: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/22100000/Danny-s-flip-book-hot-fuzz-22130765-500-206.gif

At the start of the week me and Philip were talking of the idea of a flip book. It would be something to add to the body of work and it could become a nice collaborative between our group. Also all that comes to mind is Danny’s notepad from ‘Hot Fuzz’ (You should see what’s one the other side)

Today we have drawn up story boards for the flip book. We decided on a flip book of the characters interacting and one of the kinetics of the buildings. I drew up some quick drafts of the two ideas and Philip and Kirstin drew up a more finalised storyboards.

If all goes well our plan is to come in Monday and do the final flip books. For prep I’m cutting the paper and in the mean time we work on our drawings, storyboards etc.


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