Flip Book

On Monday the group came in and we finished off the two flip books we planned out. I was the first one in so while waiting for the rest of the group I started drawing out the character flip book. This was done using the natural light from the window as a guide.

As more members of the group came in the more we started to develop a conveyor belt type workforce. We each assigned tasks; I shaded the spheres, Jordan shaded the shadows and background, Kirstin worked over each still in marker and Philip drew out the next flip book and helped myself or Jordan if anyone was struggling to keep up.

We realised very quickly that this took a massive amount of time however we got them done! In terms of presentation we kept the character flip book as a hard copy which can be displayed with all the other pieces. The building flip book however we thought would make a really nice gif. Kirstin & Philip organised this while I finished off the character flip book.

GIF of our flip book

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