Life drawing session 5

Today we were able to use tone, using tonal pastels/conte sticks. With that we needed to be aware of drawing with the curve and not against it. By figuring out the light source first and working down to the shadows . It ties in our knowledge of lighting and how their is a drop out of light to shadow, so it was a good way i think for use to use the knowledge we have been taught of lighting and applying it physically to paper. I personally like the spheres i did but i think definitely more practise is needed!


Looking at my warm ups and comparing my work already from week one; I can see the improvements and how far i have come already, to not having a clue what to draw to at least having a degree of knowledge behind drawing the human form.DSC_0656

In my figure I think it was bit overworked, instead of letting the page come through I over used the pastels which gives a flat look. Also i need to be aware of the cast shadow that it too isn’t making the drawing flat, for that i need to keep it away.  However this is a learning curve and i’m excited to see how i improve with this technique for that i will have to keep practising.


Overall i have really enjoyed using tonal as it brings more to just the line drawing and hope to explore this further.

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