Phil Campbell & Phil Kolko

Our Pecha Kucha for week 10 was based on Phil Campbell and John Kolko. As there were four of us and two designers. Two took on the research one and vice versa with the other.

I immediately jumped to Phil Campbell. For me he had such an interesting background and had been involved with the creative process of so many famous franchises, I had to picked doing the research on this designer.

I found Phil’s website which has a film/game/ etc – ography! A good list of all of his contributions to the games and films. Mostly games! It also has a blog which means theres first hand descriptions of his work, so thats always handy!

Heres an article, it is quite short: Godfather Article. However it has elements take reference from.

I feel like i have struck gold with the next thing, I found a lecture Phil Campbell did in 2012 at the Science Gallery. When talking with Lorna, she had a real interest in Tomb Raider so her research was more focused on that,whilst my own was concentrated on the Godfather. Luckily for me this presentation was almost entirely based on The Godfather!

Phil Campbell: SFI Speaker Series

I found points in the video that were helpful for research, Some are a few minutes long. I recommend watching the whole thing but breaking each down was helpful for me to find points that could benefit the presentation. And it’s more than an hour long lecture, i can’t keep watching it over and over, I could but i would waste time!

  • 00:10:00-00:12:05
  • 00:14:05-00:17:38
  • 00:21:15-00:25:27
  • 00:27:19-00:31.30
  • 00:33:36-00:36:06
  • 00:42:00-00:45:10
  • 1:01:00-1:01:50

I felt like i had so much information on The Godfather but not enough on Heavy Rain. The game for me was one of the first PS3 games I played and I like it’s format (whether people like the game or not) The way each choice and multiple endings and there were no short cuts. Every decision made effected the game. There was bits and pieces of the game mentioned in the Youtube video and other sources i found to be helpful (Mostly Phil’s blog)

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