A Rocky Journey

Today I went on another photography trip with my dad, I went a bit closer to home and took photos in Belfast in amongst the industrial estates. Trying to stray away from the city centre and capturing more gritty photos. I don’t usually write anything personal but i feel like today is the exception because why not!

We first stopped at the docks to get photos of the drilling platforms. On the way there I noticed a lot of random bits of pavement or rubbish and was told the area is basically abandoned. I kinda liked the vibe and tried to get photos of the random objects on the ground. Back to the drilling platforms i was standing on the rocks getting close as i can; after giving up i jump down only to be tangled in the weeds and fell flat on my face!!

Industrial Space

Thinking I had all my belongings we went exploring more around the area. I loved taking pictures of barbed wire and fence. That and the contrast of nature and architecture I thought was a nice combination. We also went around Harland & Wolff, I was hesitant to take photos of an iconic structure in Belfast however I liked the area and the vast space of ground meant i could wander round in my own time.

Harland and Wolff

After taking my photos it dawned on me I don’t have my phone.  Running around every place I went and realised I took photos in vast areas where my phone could be anywhere. Then it dawned on me, the great fall of earlier today. I went back to my first location and there it was sitting on the ground face down among dog walkers and random people. It shows my clumsiness knows no bounds and I have the best and worst luck.

The picture I took after I found my phone. You can tell the condensation effected my camera!

Link here

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