The final 6

Below are my final 6 photographs:

Texture: The harsh ground compliments the daisy in the middle left of the setting. I loved the texture of the rope in foreground alongside with the ‘gravely’ surface compared with the dialect structure of the daisy and stick like plants in the background.

Depth of field: Tying in elements of texture I found the barbed wires harsh surface and circular structure complimented the background; (with the straight fence contrasting) It is almost symmetrical.

Colour: With the pavement and street lamps concaving to a vanishing point and the eye being immediately drawn to the sign. I loved the contrast of the pop of colour compared with the tonal/ sepia toned background.

Tone: For this I was thinking of the inverse square law; with the long stretch of tunnel and the subject in the background; drawing the eye to the vanishing point. I love how the shadows are drawn towards the foreground seeming almost “eerie”

Composition: I loved how the eye was drawn to the island with the rocks in the water drawing out to the horizon line. The cloudy sky in the foreground with light blue shades in the background I thought gave the setting dimension

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