Equalisers in media.

Looking further into equalisers i tried to find other people who have used equalisers.
Theres been a song in my head since we started sound wave world. Then I remembered the music video for it:

Delta Heavy- Get By

They use equalisers in the form of toys which I thought was cool and one of the comments underneath made me laugh too much (“How to make a Dubstep track by HowToBasic”)

There was also this animation I found on Vimeo which to be honest; I didn’t like as i thought it was messy and didn’t particularly flow. At least i know what i don’t like!

One by Michael Levy 

Thinking of the club concert vibe with the translucent fog and interaction. I saw this advert for a real life equaliser which i thought was cool:

3d Projection Mapping

This is what I could find on equalisers so far. Hope to find more gems for inspiration!


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