What is a sound wave?

Even though i have been on the project for some time; I only assumed what sound waves were. So finally i have got my act together and actually looked at sound waves and how they work.

Through online research i found this website which i found to be useful which explained how frequencies of sounds are measured in bands (bass & treble): Website found here

I also found a website which has similar information but also information on frequency and pitch and how to apply the knowledge to equipment like sound desk and other types of equalisers: Website found here

I also found this image which goes through music sections and has them in order of frequency. Giving myself a better idea of how  genres would be visualised in an equaliser

The Frequencies of Music: Source 

In correlation to sound desks i would have a degree of knowledge behind them and I would operate a sound desk at my church. However it’s been interesting backing up my actions to what I use on a weekly basis to the knowledge. To put theory into action I plan to see the frequencies of different genres (If all goes to plan)


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