Exploring caves….virtually i wanted to further look at how light and colour is bouncing on cave like surfaces.

Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves: Source

These limestone caves in Eastern Australia is a popular attraction of the country. Some of the caves have artificial lighting shown above. These bright lights bounce off the textures of the cave. In relation to sound world, this could possibly be recreated when music is played in the world but as the caves were designed with lights for now i think they would remain dark.

Mulu Caves

Mulu Caves: Source

Based in Malaysia in a national park; this opening letting in natural light could become a good guide for us when composing the opening of the (No) sound caves. I think it’s also a good example of tone; with light dropping off slowly at the entrance of the cave.

Glow worm caves

Glow Worm caves: Source

Based in New Zealand where there is a population of course; glow worms they omit a floursecent light. This bounces off the water creating an ambiance. In the caves it wasn’t created with lights inside however it could become a part dependent on how the story pans out.

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