Continuing research

Becca Blair was able to give me a link to her blog post on sound wave world. It was useful to be reminded of the past research other groups have conducted.

I also found this video when researching called ‘Origin of Creatures’ To be honest this short weirded me out; i guess weird limbed mutations are not my cup of tea. However i really liked the environment and how abandoned it looked in comparison with the clouds.

Origin of Creatures

In relation to sound world it makes me think of crumbling buildings, a population trying to survive and rebuild. Could have an impact to the crack disc? It also has good camera angles and has a good view of the world. Could be useful when showing shots of the city.

Through looking at colour i found this short which is quite eery. At this point i had no idea how it is relevant! but the eerie effect it has could be a twist or turn our storyboard could have:

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