Exploring ideas

When meeting up with the group; we did a mind map of ideas for a story. After exploring themes and ideas we came up with three ideas:

  1. What if the compact disc cracked? – embedded in the compact disc are the no sound caves. As a result they would destroy the colour and music ambience. What would happen to the people? Would the world sustain?
    (Off the bat i thought of the Dulux advert; colour is rebellion and the people are living in a world without colour.)

  2. What is happening on the other side of the disc? – is there life or music. what is happening? Can they even live on the other side?
  3. Battle of the genres – Can the genres co exist, do the shapes have an association to certain genres?

With that we decided to explore these ideas; Myself, Jordan and Kirstin were drawn to the compact disc one and it cracking. However I wouldn’t want to immediately jump into this without further exploration and research.


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