CD destruction

Yesterday I watched another How it’s made video on how compact discs are made. I have no idea how old this episode was but nevertheless it was interesting!

How it’s Made: CD

With that and looking at the at story of the cracked disk the first thing i wanted to try was breaking a CD. Of course after googling and reminding myself that its made of glass; i would get shards in my eyes !! So i went to the next best thing.Youtube!

I found this video by the slow mo guys, it has the cd spinning and breaking and the result is amazing. Like an explosion. Thinking about this for an ending, causing mass destruction and killing the world!

Slo Mo Guys- Spinning CD

I talked to Jonny Rooney about the it and he gave me an alternative idea; instead of killing the world at the end what if the premise is the sound wave world is impacted with shards of impacted shards and the population have to adapt. An interesting concept and alternative route.


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