Battle of the sounds

Another idea we had was a war of sound. Whether it was between genres or clans (or both!) Out of the three ideas we have this is the one i’m not so keen on. Never the less I tried to get the most out of the idea.

With the concept of the battle; an immediate thought was battle scenes from blockbuster movies such as Lord of the Rings or even continuing previous research and referencing movies such as 300.

Still from LOTR: Source
Still from 300: Source 

Thinking of war with more meaning i remembered the video ‘Neighbours’ which was introduced to us by Michael during our Canadian history and theory lesson. Thinking of a story of how the further destruction of conflict leads to greater destruction.


This reminds me of Pong with the idea of going back and forth; along with (mentioning again) Portal levels with the interaction like the platforms the move up and down.

Still from Portal: Source
Pong: Source

This is much research i could do with this idea because I just lost interest. I feel like there isn’t much to explore unless we were doing a feature film where we could explore clans and sub plot lines.


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