The other side (Warning: contains space!)

This is based around what would happen if you were on the other side of the compact disc. I was thinking the protagonist would fall on through the middle of the compact disc. And then i looked at falling with style.

Looper is one of my favourite films, the futuristic world and plot line is such a fresh approach to what is becoming a common subject. Theres a scene where the main character is falling. The camera pans onto his front then has him in a fixed position as he’s falling (as the background moves) This to me would be a perfectly transition as it literally looks as if the world is flipped. (1.38 mins into trailer)

Looper Trailer

Gravity has become such a blockbuster hit; a particular scene where Sandra Bullock has to detach from the space equipment but ends up being catapulted into space. The way it is shown seems eradicate. In terms of falling it is an alternative.

Then when thinking of space i jumped to:

End Scene Portal 2

Thinking back to environments previous research such as ‘Origin of creatures’ and films like ‘I am Legend’  But the apocalyptic approach makes me think of the creatures that live there. Are they scary or demonic. WHAT ARE THEY????


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