Combining ideas!

Looking at all three ideas; i thought of the ideas of combining two. As the war between sounds was not something i was interested in; the other two were going to be the ones combined.

The idea of the protagonist falling to the other side because of a crack or collision really interested me. For me it makes the story more complex and something more to work with! Because at night thats what productivity does to you I started writing a story based on this.

Below is the story I wrote in my book:

  • Equaliser is in the caves looking at the colours, bored of the genre of music
  • As Equaliser leave the cave theres a collision and they fall to the otherside
  • They see debris of compact disc in the distance; Triangle people emerge
  • Scared, Equaliser stumbles away, however they trip meeting their fate
  • The monsters lean in, getting closer Equaliser winces and closes eyes
  • Eyes open and they realise they are listening to a new genre of music. The monsters are actually nice.

Thats the story I had; the end is kinda reminding me of baby dancing Groot or even better the dog at the end of this trailer:

Secret Life of Pets Trailer


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