When posting my story to the group I was very open to alterations; they seemed to like it as a whole. Of course I forgot to mention the conversation me and Jonny had about the compact  disc so there was bit of confusion. However Kirstin added an interesting take on a collision; What if the impact was caused by a meteorite?

I really liked this take so I did some research on meteorites. With such “reliable” websites such as Wikipedia. I was able to find out major impact events such as

  • Tunguska
  • Plelstocene
  • Holocene
  • Priblam meteorite.

I also found this prediction which bases the impact of meteorite by mass and time. Indicating the more time passes the bigger the disaster which wipes out species. (over a few millennia)

I also found a website which goes through the selection process of meteorite and how to know if you have found one: Have you found a meteorite? which was useful

So now when it comes to designing the impacting basic geometric designs such as Minecraft I found were helpful:

Cubes in Minecraft: Source

As a result i think simplified triangular shards (aftermath rubble) would better fit the story and the then we can have an origin of the triangular species.


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