Upside down/ Patema inverted

I started looking at the falling scenes and drew out the falling scene using the references from Looper and Gravity. However there was an image in my head that i couldn’t shake off; it was from an Empire magazine I had 3 years ago (and still do because i hoard) so in the hope it would help and went through every issue of Empire i had (which i might add is about two years worth!) and tried to find the movie. And after an hour searching I finally found it; i wasn’t crazy!!

Its called upside down. Obviously it wasn’t a major success but the world is cool and the pull of gravity and force i think is cool. In relation to my world, the disc could have it’s own pull of gravity which brings the characters to the other side

Upside Down Trailer

I also found out there is an Anime which is almost exactly the same; for all those who are aware and prefer that.

Panema Inverted Trailer


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