Other people’s research

This post is to showcase some of the other research Jordan and Kirstin done as we did so much and it affected how the final storyboard was done.

Jordan showed us this clip which he thought could represent Techno in terms of colour and timing. I think its quite cool and make techno more alien like compared to the other characters.

RGB light strip synced to music

The idea of the story being a music video and with no dialog was intriguing and kirstin provided a few videos that could represent that:

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti – Occhi Bassi

DyE -Fantasy

I’m familiar with DyE- Fantasy. On appearance it escalates very quickly and some would considered messed up. There is a meaning behind it but It’s not very relevant, however the idea of using serious imagery or graphic scenes to convert a deeper message is interesting. (not as graphic as DyE)

Kirstin also showed how when coming to animating and making that we could have a mix of 2D & 3D elements which also could be useful. Using mixed media could convey different characters or different environments:

Battle Deadline

Salesmen Pete


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