I knew there was a reason to put in quotation marks/ Storyboards 101

On Monday I called the storyboards our group made “finalised” I don’t know if i predicted the following days events or because to say anything is finalised at this stage is a dumb ass thing to do! (I’ll go with the latter)

On Tuesday Michael came up our group table and looked at our storyboards. He found plot holes in our narrative and how it was presented. Since we knew the story and the world the story made sense to us,  but that means nothing to anyone else. What we did was make up a story which didn’t represent the world or show any context of the events that follow.

With that constructive criticism and the talk Michael gave on storyboards we began again and reviewed what we have; reflecting on the template Michael had set out for the class:

Mike's notes on storyboarding
Michael’s notes on storyboarding

We were encouraged to chop and change our storyboards. We first introduced the meteor hitting the disk in the middle of the narrative but to show context we will introduce this as the beginning of the storyboard. As well as introducing the meteor we thought of quickly showing the world; the placement of the caves, buildings and population.

Michael’s drawings
Our Drawings
Michael’s Notes With Our Drawings


We took influence of the intro credits of Adventure Time and Rolie Polie Olie (I have realised these have become reoccurring influences, I swear i didn’t bring them up!)

Rolie Polie Olie Intro

Adventure Time Intro

The camera angles of showing the world through zoom and showing a brief over view of the world I think gives enough context to carry on with the narrative. Also we didn’t look at the intro for Roly Poly till after we changed the scene and realised oh my gosh we nearly replicated it.Not to mention the characters are geometric…i’m saying no more before the copy right police come at me!

We also have Equaliser hanging off the hole bit of the disc because that seemed more likely for her to fall and in a way comical. That combined with us showing how the world span when impacted gives the viewer much more context. Michael was able to gives us advice on this with the use of drawings and sketches.

After the falling scene, not much has changed after that just scenes with added context to what already was happening. With that our team split up; Jordan decided to draw out the new story boards digitally and Kirstin started the characters. As myself and Philip worked on coming up with the layout for the storyboard we were left to do drawings and research.


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