More Digital Art Because I Can!

With no clear direction what to do I decided to do some more work reflecting the world. I was aware that the other side of the disc wasn’t drawn out or clearly envisioned as we just said ” crumbling buildings” Referring back to ‘Origin of creatures’ as the world is post apocalyptic and looking at buildings like the crumbling buildings in ‘Inception’

Still from Inception: Source

and then other images for reference:


With those i started making concept for the other side. This would be the first concepts i have done with scanning in images so I wanted to take time into them.

Below are the concepts I had done over Wednesday/Thursday. I happier with these than i am with my past concepts for sound wave world. I tried using cool and warm colours in reverse as the world is opposite but not having the buildings too crumbly and trying to stick to the original form. With these designs they could be used in the animatic as  shots for techno and equaliser!:


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