Follow Through & Overlapping Action

For our next assignment we have been given an arm rig in which we are meant to animate movement.

Follow Through & Overlapping Action

When characters were animated they came to a stop. This became concerning, Walt Disney himself had to explain: “Things don’t come to a stop all at once,Guys; First theres one part and then theres another!”

Characters with accessories, long features or are in an aggressive action don’t just stop. There is a chain of momentum which can carry on the previous action . This is follow through action, looking a the arm rigs when the arm stops there should be extra momentum that creates extra movement and a gradual stop.

Everything doesn’t happen all at once, it twists, deforms, stretches, squashes etc. and parts are all working against each other. This is overlapping action. There isn’t just one element moving but multiple working in tandum with each other. For the arm rig we need to look at not just moving the whole arm rig side to side but how each ligament moves as a result.

A web page shows an example of these principles: Source 

Follow Through & Overlapping Action: Source

And of course Alan Becker explains both of these principles nicely as well

5. Follow Through & Overlapping Action – 12 Principles of Animation




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