Editing the animatic

As I had software to compile together the animatic I was given the task of making the animatic.

A couple of hours in I realised how long and stress editing is. When compiling images I realised some stills were not like the storyboards, so the previous timing created became an issue. However this was an issue that already arose.

However I think we were able to work around it. I saved my progress various times through the editing process which guided me to finishing the animatic.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 22.55.27
The Many Files of the Animatic 

As the world is sound world with aimed to have sound in the animatic. The story wouldn’t be the same without it. So we quickly recorded sounds and used some copyrighted music to give an idea for the sound.

Eventually I got it done.  Below is the animatic:

Sound Wave World Animatic  

If I could alter the animatic again I would redo the drawings and have more drafts for our storyboard. As it would have made the editing process much smoother and the animatic would have felt like one style instead of many. However I think it’s a good enough attempt.


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