A silhouette theme

A lot of the artists/ title sequences I liked had this theme of silhouettes or blocked colours; it only seemed appropriate to compile them together.

I also found the website www.artofthetitle.com a very good source to not only find title sequences but it has interviews with the creators. 

I really liked the simplicity of the Mad Men intro with the camera following the fall of the man; featuring surrounding images to show context. Also the music is stylised to the era of the show. This is something to think about when thinking of a style.

Mad Men Intro

Cirque Du Freak: The vampire assistant has a paper cut out theme which i like. That combined with the burnt textured background i thought gives a nice introduction to the movie.

Cirque Du Freak intro

Saul Bass is probably going to be used a lot in research for various groups however his simple style is effective. Jakub found a Saul Bass inspired Game of Thrones intro which both reflects motion graphics and music;  reflecting like in Mad Men an era.

Game of Thrones intro, Saul Bass styled

Olly Moss is a graphic design who puts the content within shapes. I really like the effect it gives and how simple yet once again effective it is. Reflecting on my own experience and skills with software this could be something we could recreate through Adobe Creative Cloud

mosswallStar Wars Posters by Olly Moss

The Lemony Snicket intro is really interesting. The different textures and layers and how it looks like paper cut outs. The transitions and eerie music, all around i really like the title sequence!

Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events intro

Reflecting on the Juno title sequence;looking at the paper cut outs style but hand drawn. Very nice but the simplicity of the other references maybe the style we are more likely to go for.

Juno intro

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