Dragon Tree World

On Tuesday we swapped projects and groups. For myself I remained with Jordan and Kirstin but as a change we got Jakub and we were now in dragon world.

The dragon world was originally human body world, created in the first project by myself, Lorna, Cliodhna and Robert. To see it transform into something else is really interesting as it means I can now explore whats been developed.

What is dragon tree world?

To find out what dragon tree world was i found these blog posts helpful:

From what I’ve gathered its a world living inside a dragon, infused with plants and nature. Instead of organs theres chambers with creatures carrying out the functions of that organ.

The light sources are in the eyes, chest cavity and there a dim light source at the base of the dragon.

Characters and where they live: 

  • Brain – birds
  • Eyes – fireflies
  • Ears – bats
  • Lungs – birds
  • Teeth – termites monkey type creature
  • Heart – fairies
  • Skin – werewolves


Below is the plot line for the animatic the previous group wrote up:


It features the teeth creature as the character Mossi who fall from cleaning the dragons teeth and fall back into the mouth and is guided by on of the bird creatures. This plot as experimented with shadow puppets, black and white and colour.

Heres the animatic/s

Animatic in Colour

Animatic in Black & White

Animatic Puppet Version

With a basic idea of what the world is i’m thinking of a mythical atmosphere or setting. with research from the others we should be able to steer the title sequence into a suitable theme.


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