Researching dragons and stuff

The one thing I associate with dragon tree is Skyrim, I have way too much time on Skyrim and i’m surprised i haven’t incorporated it into research before.

Things useful from Skyrim

  • It has dragons – endless dragon references!!!
  • Their own language and typography is old time.
  • The song of the dragon born – A song i have learnt to stop singing.

Skyrim dragonborn soundtrack

At first i thought the song could have been useful. Going for the epic shouty vibe but maybe it’s a bit too much for the dragon tree.

Then the thought pattern moved to Witcher 3. A game i’m not greatly into, however the opening cinematic  has a good use of pan and camera angles. How the foreground is silhouettes and the background is in light is nice. This type of elements could be helpful when thinking of a title sequence.

Witcher wild hunt trailer


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