Sweet Sweet Music

For the title sequence we need music and for that required research into all sorts of composers and game music.

When talking with the group we liked the idea that the music could be quite eerie and creepy. We also liked the fantasy elements that could be put in as it is a world in a dragon. Maybe not like Skyrim but maybe something a bit more mythical.

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a game i previous mentioned in Hell World for characters. It’s soundtrack has elements of creepiness but also since it sounds like a weird carnival it has a quirky vibe which could be translated into our title sequence. It’s composers Vince de Vera and Jason Garner have also done the soundtrack for Shank which have similar attributes as Don’t Starve.

Obviously it sounds like a band is playing and i don’t think we could get a band in short notice but picking out individual instruments like the triangle and glockinspiel maybe be a nice feature to include.

Don’t Starve Game soundtrack

Professor Layton

Myself and Kirstin were talking about this one as quirky and somewhat eerie but the use of instruments is cool and it’s use of capturing a victorian era or at least a world within a time period! Professor Layton is a Nintendo DS game which has become a series of games due to it’s success. It’s influences from Sherlock Holmes and it’s riddles and puzzles were what had me obsessed it when it came out. So me and Kirstin were playing on nostalgia. It’s composer was Tomohito Nishiura, who arranged and created the soundtrack for the games series.

In particular of all the games. Pandora’s Box and Lost Future I think had a real eerie vibe which could be translated well for dragon tree. (2:16 – 8:04 mins into Youtube clip)

Professor Layton Game soundtracks (All Games)

Final Fantasy VII

When it came to nostalgia i had to go to Final Fantasy VII. It has in my personal opinion one of the best narratives in a game. It was the first game in the series to be animated in 3D. I know now when i talk to people who are familiar with the newer stuff that the don’t like 7’s gameplay, it becomes very frustrating for me as the games appeal is not why it’s great, its the story. But enough about that since this is about the music

Final Fantasy’s composer, Nobuo Uematsu used a lot of electronic piano and the keyboard. For me thats what creates such a magical vibe about ‘Prelude’ and how it scales from high to low notes. This magical- ness is something I wish we could add to our title sequence however i have realised it may be too airy fairy.

Final Fantasy VII ‘Prelude’ soundtrack

Goat Simulator

Now I have a reason why I looked at this one. When i showed it to the group i was approached with silence as they didn’t think I was serious. (I was kind of) It was because it was really quirky and if you take out the context that it’s involved with goats who do weird stuff it can be quite relevant. Thinking of the music I thought the way the composer was plucking the strings could have been a nice technique to implement. I’ve somewhat justified my reasoning so I’m just gonna leave it there.

Goat Simulator Game soundtrack

The Forest

The forest is a survivalist horror game where (you guessed it) your in a forest. The music for it is quite dark and ominous. If dragon world wanted to go for this aesthetic then I think The Forest is a good example.

The Forest Gameplay music

Philip Glass

Philip Glass is an american composer and considered one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. His music is considered minimalist and referred to himself as “music with repetitive structures” He has collaborated with many from Woody Allen to David Bowie and his music has featured in films such as The Truman Show, Candyman, Dracula, The Illusionist etc.

His particularly on Candyman resembled to me dragon tree world. The creepy high pitched tones makes the onsemble eerie for a listener. It had reminded me of Lemony Snicker; a film previously looked at. The music s so child like but with an menacing demeanour. This is something we could explore.

Candyman soundtrack


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