Title sequences

I looked at a lot of title sequences for “research”I have yet to throw in a reference to Alien and i’m appalled at myself!
This must change now.

For the game and film franchises there is a nice transition of how the typography shows only a fraction of the lettering to the full text. This could be a nice transition to incorporate or could even take us down the route of exploring our own language.

Alien Isolation Trailer

Alien trailer

Continuing the theme of Sci-Fi for the moment  I looked into the Matrix. I remember the code intro and how the camera went through the code and how the type was formed through that.  Maybe our group could  interpret in our own way; instead of code maybe there could be vine!

The Matrix trailer

I also looked at the Splice intro as it had a similar texture to vines and how it follows the camera.

Splice intro

Mentioned by Jordan and looking back shows plants development and grow. It has a silhouette structure which i have noticed in a lot of research I’m fond of and have took note of. ( Link to this blog post here)

Beautiful Creatures intro

Kirstin and myself looked at the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Title sequence. How the camera zooms out and drops down to reveal text with abstract background. The text and colours may not be relevant but I like the camera movements.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World intro

Even though it isn’t a title sequence; I liked the type of Illustrator Peter Strain. His work wraps typography around objects; it reminds me of vines so it could become a useful artist when looks at how text could play a part in the environment. (Could also link with The Matrix reference)


Work by Peter Strain



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